Sextortion Scam Emails

Another nasty scam email. These emails can be very troubling and upsetting if you not aware of how common and prolific they are. Our Grantham client wanted to be certain their machine had not been compromised. Skylock IT performed a full security check up to ensure they could continue running their business and online banking […]

Nottingham office computer installations.

Busy day installing 3 new pc for a busy growing office. All new computers have been setup on the domain server with access to company shared files and folders, security software installed, along with the usual printers Microsoft Office suite and company emails.

Business Office WiFi Nottingham

This morning we are installing an additional Unifi access point for our clients. Unifi access points are the best commercial access point I have ever worked with, 100% Reliable and very cost effective to buy and to install, which equals a happy customer.

WiFi signal improvement Grantham

This morning Skylock IT are busy setting up another WiFi signal boosting using the brilliant Devolo wireless Powerline adapters. Great solution for home and small office use when running cables is not an option, and so much more reliable than range extenders.